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Experienced. Innovative. Driven by Values.


We are an Atlanta-based Business Consultancy Firm started in 2020.

In today’s competitive environment, a team’s value is defined by “what have you done for me lately”, thus we seek a continuous improvement of the services we provide in order to remain a valued technology partner to our clients.

With our global support resources, we are “on” 24×7, as is required in todays competitive environment. Within the United States, we have offices in Georgia, Dallas, and Connecticut, with offshore teams in the Philippines and India.

We recognize the importance of having great team members, so we retain, train, and keep our team current with the evolving changes of technology. In line with having a great team, we have vetted and partnered with the best technological solution providers, creating a comprehensive enterprise-class solution.

Driven by Success, Technology & People






Our People

Meet the team

Bob Berry
Bob Berry is a senior IT executive and consultant with more than 30 years experience domestically and internationally in the Technology....
Zwayne Sealy
Zwayne Sealy is a Restaurant Technology and Operations Executive with over 20 years of experience in the industry...
Jamie Davis
COO (Advisory)
Jamie Davis is a global executive and business leader. She brings a record of success in building scalable businesses facilitating rapid revenue growth....
Corey Grimes
SVP Engineering (Advisory)
Corey Grimes has over 15 years of leading teams of developers on numerous big budget software solutions and systems across the US and Europe...
Trecia Warnholz
SVP Digital Marketing (Advisory)
Trecia is a high-level creative professional and social entrepreneur with strong technical, communications, and project management skills. Trecia specializes in designing polished and impactful marketing and communication programs from strategy through implementation...
Krisleen Redoble
SVP Client Operations
Krisleen Redoble has over 15 years of experience in the Business Process Outsourcing for client management, business development and managing operations. She has managed small, medium and large enterprise from around the world...

Life at Alpha Matter

To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.

Dedication to building a culture of diverse perspectives and talents to support individual growth and superior business results that lead Alpha Matter into the future.  We strive to cultivate a dynamic, diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees feel engaged, valued and that they belong.

Flexible working allows a certain degree of freedom in deciding how work will be done and how schedules are coordinated to facilitate this. Workplace flexibility creates benefits for both the business, employees and ultimately, our clients.

We continue to develop our network with our customers in mind, by creating solutions to be just as powerful at preventing issues as they are at fixing them.

Alpha Matter truly has the customer in mind.  Everything we do is from a customer first perspective.  We aim to make the Restaurant and Hospitality industry better by delivering honest, affordable and effective services and solutions.  We work with only the top strategic providers in the industry.  Outside of this, we strive to support our communities by working with local and national charity partners and participating in events that do good for humanity.

Our teams come from operations and have been a part of over 1,000’s of technology implementation projects worldwide, providing value through a broad view of services and solutions. 

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